Musenga Investments (Pty) Ltd (Musenga)
is a 100% black woman owned company with
Mrs Nomsa Mavhungu as the main shareholder.

Musenga was born out of Musengavhadzimu Business Enterprise cc, a company established in 2002 to provide total waste management solutions, industrial and domestic cleaning, hygiene supplies and ancillary services.


Musenga provides total waste management solutions which include waste separation, recycling and safe disposal of non-recyclable general and hazardous waste. The company is also involved in waste minimization by means of collecting recyclables such as papers, cans, scraps, card box, etc.

As part of waste minimization, Musenga collects recyclables by using dedicated marked bins placed at strategic points within the facility of our client. Where required, we make use of waste collectors and sorters to ensure that the correct type of waste is placed in correct bin.


Musenga provides Commercial and Industrial cleaning and hygiene services to public and private sector businesses. The services that the company provides range from supplying all resources required to clean the area e.g. machinery, consumables and labour. Our services can be tailored to fit the requirements of the client.


As a developer, Musengavhadzimu Business Enterprise is involved in construction of houses on a turnkey basis. Our strategy is to buy stands in residential estates, build houses and sell. At times we find ourselves building houses for people who already own stands. Typical sizes of houses we build vary from 200m2 to 800m2.